How We Hire

Want to know how the recruitment process works? 

Here you'll find a walk through of the process from when we receive your application to offering the job. 

We know that there’s nothing more crucial to the success of Simple Feast than bringing the right people on board. Therefore, we take every single application very seriously.  

During the process we are curious to understand more about who you are, what you value in a job and in your life so we know if we share a deeper commonality.  

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How to stand out when you apply

  • Do your research. Before you start applying, find out more about us as a company and the position you are interested in. 
  • Tell us why it’s important for you to be part of Simple Feast.
  • Think about how your values and elaborate on how they match us. We look for a mindset that contributes to our culture. 
  • Show us how you work. Tell us about how your experience has equipped you to meet the requirements for the role. Perhaps explain how you solved a similar challenge in the past or share a relevant accomplishment. 
  • Keep it short and be as specific as possible.
  • And finally, remember it is not just about hard skills. We also want to learn more about you and what you care about outside work.

People we work with 

We value diversity of all kinds and we always try to hire people with diverse backgrounds to increase our ability to be flexible and open to new ways of doing things.

Simple Feast does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any activities or operations. 


In order to comply with the GDPR, we can only accept applications coming in through our career site. 



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